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      Welcome to Painting nada

      Painting nada has been in business for 32 years with a proven track record of satisfied clients. The painters at Painting nada are both certified and insured beuse we believe in providing the best services to our customers. The services include commercial, industrial and residential painting. At Painting nada our goal is to ensure all our projects are completed to the best of our painters abilities. Great workmanship and virtually no downtime is something we always strive for, even if it means working tirelessly day and night.

      Our crew of painters n accomplish any task whether it is comprehensive or simple in nature. We believe that the painting service needs to maximize the life span of the product while being cost effective. Sam Mattina the owner/operator is usually involved with all tasks and n be seen with a paintbrush at each site. Sam takes it upon himself to meet with the clients initially, to estimating, to site inspection once the work is done.

      Painting nada is associated with the Worker Safety Insurance Board for both customer and contractor protection. There is a two year limited warranty on all completed project, with WSIB Clearance Certifited and rries five million dollar liability insurance on all jobs.

      Our services include: Residential Painting, Industrial Painting, and Commercial Painting

      Paintin nada painters always put their best foot forward and will fulfill any requirements our clients ask of them. We will leave every job site clean and tidy while making sure that nothing was damaged. If you have any questions regarding the services our painters provide, please give us a ll and we will help answer them.

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      Servicing Lotion
      St. tharines
      Niagara Falls
      Port Colborne
      Fort Erie
      Stoney Creek

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